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TEDx: Say Yes To Your Adventure

What happens when you leave the engineer’s world of logic behind and replace it with intuition, curiosity and wonder? In this TEDx talk, I share what I learned during my 7-month sabbatical from IBM, an adventure that began as a fun jaunt around Europe but turned into an unplanned pilgrimage. In summary: magic can unfold when we learn to trust ourselves, listen to the quiet voices within, and say a hearty ‘Yes’ to our adventure when it calls us.

Creative Mornings: The Magic in Being Human


In October 2016 I gave a talk at Creative Mornings London. Using my experience on a recent three-day solo fast in Colorado, I talked about the natural world, how to find identity within ourselves, and ways to be human in our life and work.

Education First: Careers Beyond Borders


I’ve spoken at Education First’s Career Beyond Borders workshop in London and Manchester. In this promotional video I describe a few mindsets to explore new, fulfilling opportunities in the new world of work: Curiosity, Project, and Experimental.

Escape The City

In 2014, I moved to London to help Escape the City launch and build The Escape School – a physical school providing guides, events, workshops and 3-month programs to help people find more meaningful work, start businesses, and build careers on their own terms. The addition of the Escape School doubled Escape’s revenue to £1 million in 2015 and helped 20,000+ people through our events and programs in London, New York City, and abroad.

My work at Escape included:

  • Product Development: designed, launched, managed educational products totalling £1m revenue & impacting 20,000.
  • Education Facilitation: designed & taught 1-3 hr. workshops, weekend retreats, 12-week intensives & online courses.
  • Public Speaking: spoke to audiences of 50-400+ in London, Madrid, Munich, New York City.
  • Content Creation: wrote and edited long-form essays, blog posts, book and video (examples: writing, ebook)
  • Sales & Marketing: managing sales campaigns for educational products that helped over 20,000 people.
  • Event Management: planning, logistics, speaking, sales and marketing for events in London, New York City and other.

Feedback from recent workshops (March – July 2017):

“Thank you so much for all of your work to make the weekend great, Matt. I think it can be incredibly difficult to manage different personalities and facilitate a workshop where every person feels like they can contribute and have their ideas heard. You did a great job of this.” –Ash

“Matt’s leadership style was friendly, empathetic and calming. He displayed a lot of knowledge on the subject and it was great to be talked to by someone who has clearly gone through these motions himself.” –Jack

“Matt brought a lovely, relaxed vibe to the whole weekend – facilitating a great balance of leading and sharing info, giving space for introspection, and our having the chance to interact with each other – charm personified!” –”Lara”

“Congrats to Matt who is an inspiring speaker and gave a lot to us. Matt energizes people and seems to be a great listener. I’m not sure I would have enjoyed the program as much with another person. Matt’s contribution makes this program a success.” –”Emile”

“It was packed full of information, so much useful stuff, Matt was a patient guide as we all made our way through our personal journeys and he encouraged a very open forum which is no small task between 9 very different people and in just 2 days.” –Lucy

“Matt was great example of how you can change and was a wonderful leader/teacher/guide.” –Marina

“Matt was a really amazing leader – it was a long couple of days and we packed a lot in. He really kept us going, even during a couple of dips in our energy. It’s such a wide ranging subject and everyone was different and at different stages in our careers (and lives in my case) but I think he kept it relevant to all of us.” –”Diana”

“I enjoyed how open minded the group was and how Matt held that intention for the group. It was supportive and non-judgemental. A positive experience overall. I enjoyed how jam packed full it was and that it held my attention throughout.” –Amber

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