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What is GiveLiveExplore?

To help me articulate what GiveLiveExplore represents, I pressed myself to answer the questions below.  This was mostly a personal exercise to define GiveLiveExplore, but I think it serves as a good tool for communicating the purpose and vision.

What is GiveLiveExplore?
GiveLiveExplore is a lifestyle company guided by a lifestance articulated in The Explorifesto.  All GiveLiveExplore projects, products, and services will be led by the underlying values in The Explorifesto.

Why are you forming GiveLiveExplore?
I am forming GiveLiveExplore to be more intentional about building the life I want to live.  I plan to use it as a vehicle to explore personal and professional projects that excite me.  

What is the purpose of GiveLiveExplore.com?
The purpose of GiveLiveExplore.com is to serve as the digital home of all GiveLiveExplore projects and the GiveLiveExplore blog.

What is the purpose of the GiveLiveExplore blog?
The purpose of this blog is document my journey of creating an intentional lifestyle, guided by The Explorifesto.  I will share my thoughts, insights, and progress on projects along the way.  I hope to encourage and inspire others to be more intentional about their lives and have the courage to live life according to their own beliefs and decisions.

Who is the audience for the GiveLiveExplore blog?
Anyone who’s lifestance aligns with The Explorifesto and who strives to be more intentional about building their life.

What is The Explorifesto?
The Explorifesto is the manifesto guiding GiveLiveExplore.  It articulates a way of life that guides me personally and the GiveLiveExplore company.  I believe that by living each day according to the The Explorifesto, you cannot help but feel a sense of fulfillment and aliveness.



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