“I’m in my head a lot — and it kind of sucks. There are certain things I have to do to be out of my head and just to get to normal. I’m not talking about being really super effective. Just to get to normal…” –Rainn Wilson, actor

It’s been a wild few weeks, hasn’t it?

I deliberately keep this blog and my writing apolitical to focus the human and more-than-human side of stuff. And typically I’m an optimistic guy. But when I read about these 13 crises that humanity faces, many of which are influenced by the U.S. election results, I’m not feeling much like myself these days.

Coupled with my sister’s boyfriend getting into a cycling accident with severe head trauma and still unknown brain damage – I’ve experienced a complex mix of emotions, thoughts, and mental states that I can’t seem to articulate.

But I’ve since learned to describe it: grief.

“Pure, unmistakable grief” as my friend Steve said.

Within the first 72 hours after the election, I took a stab at navigating my grief via a few Facebook posts like these ones, and more recently this about my grief about my sister’s boyfriend.

Three weeks later, the grief is still very real, very raw, and I’m still working through it. Or maybe it’s still working its way through me.

Last week I listened to a podcast where actor Rainn Wilson talks about how he gets out of his head and “gets to normal”. It reminded me how much we as a species live in our heads. And highlighted to me how much I was trying to process my grief intellectually, while something else was required.

Here’s a short story I posted on Medium about running, crying, getting into my body and reaching for normal. Enjoy:

Processing Grief and Getting to Normal

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Joshua Tree

Desert camping a few weeks ago in Joshua Tree National Park.
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“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

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