I just returned from 10 days Nicaragua with my brother. A trip like this always fills me up and reminds me why I travel.

It was a last minute trip – its genesis in brotherly love, the need for sun, a hunger for new adventures, and the celebration of two men sitting in the space between mini life chapters.

A trip like this always has the potential to hold that in-between space. Closing out the old; kicking off the new. Contributing to both and yet taking part in neither. It’s an incredibly fertile place.

Time stands still on a trip like this. You forget your past. You stop freaking out about your future. It’s all about the present moment. What road do we take now? Where shall we eat now? How do we get from San Juan to Managua now? It’s simple and unremarkable. But it’s life.

This was also a trip about agency. It’s something I’ve written about and have been thinking about lately. Agency:

Having an impulse to do something…and then actually doing it.

Wanting something…and taking responsibly to go after it.

Feeling inspired…and acting on that inspiration.

I didn’t go to Nicaragua to save the turtles, reignite my Spanish, or study Central American revolutions – although some of that happened.

I went to remember my agency. To cherish family and friendship. To chase the sun. To honor joy. To celebrate free will. To give. To live. To explore.


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