What I’m Working On

Here’s what I’m working on at the moment.

The Escape School

“Life is too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you.”

The Escape School

What: I’ve partnered with my friend Adele to build out the education arm for rapidly growing London-based startup Escape the City.

The Why: “We’re on a mission to educate, encourage, and empower talented people to escape or avoid unfulfilling jobs.”

The How: We plan to do this by providing online education & offline events (currently in London) to help people transition into more meaningful work.

Read More on GiveLiveExplore: Touching Down In LondontownOr visit school.escapethecity.org.


“Tales Of” Anti-Guidebooks

“Read our tales. Live out yours.”

TOI_GLE_SidebarThe What: I’m partnering with great writers (like my friend Stephen Markley) to build a series of anti-guidebooks: fast, fun, and informative storybooks to places around the globe. They’re the books you’ll read on your flight over to a foreign land to gain some cultural and historical context, while making you laugh.

The Why: Guidebooks are static & stale and travel information has become a commodity. In today’s super connected world, travel tips are best garnered online or by polling your Facebook friends. What’s in short supply? Good, honest stories to accompany you on your trip.

The How: Instead of telling you where you ‘must go’ and what you ‘must see’, we’d rather give you a fun story to accompany you on your own travels. The Tales Of books will deliver cultural context through engaging storytelling, but still encourage readers to explore the world and live out his or her own tales.

For now, visit Tales of Iceland on Amazon. Soon, we’ll have a separate site for the Tales Of brand. The 2nd book Tales of Ecuador, will be published in late April 2014.



In addition to writing on GiveLiveExplore and at The Escape School, I occasionally write on The Huffington Post, Medium, and .



I’ve been doing more public speaking lately. Here are some of my most recent talks: