What I’m Up to Now

This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

Location: English Countryside / London

My girlfriend and I are housesitting in the English countryside over the summer, via TrustedHousesitters.

Check out Trusted Housesitters and get 20% off an annual membership when you join via this link.

Work wise here’s what I’m up to:

1. GiveLiveExplore Newsletter

Each Monday, I publish a thoughtful letter on living, working, and traveling deliberately. Check out an example newsletter or join me on the next one here.

2. Facilitating Escape The City’s Career Change Course

I’m co-leading Escape The City’s 10-week part-time Career Change Accelerator program in London.We help people escape from unfulfilling work and into a more meaningful career. It’s a powerful program – highly recommended for anyone in London who wants to make a career change. Designing this program and helping people escape into more meaningful work has been my work for the last 4 years.

Our next intake kicks off on September 28, 2018. Applications are open now. Space is limited to 30. Email me for questions or apply now.

3. Career Coaching

I also help people 1-on-1 find clarity and confidence in their career next steps. If you want to deliberately design the future of your career (vs just jumping into another job) and would find value in focused guidance and accountability, get in touch.

4. Happiness at Work – Speaking, Facilitation & Consulting

I also facilitate workshops and speak on future of work, career change, and improving employee engagement. Past talks include General Assembly, Unilever, London Business School, and Open Data Institute.

If you or your organization are looking speakers or facilitators, check out some of my past work or browse topics here.

5. ‘Tales Of’ Travelogues 

My friend Steve and I are relaunching our Tales Of Travelogue brand – fast, fun and educational anti-guidebooks to the weird and wonderful places around the world. We partner with prolific authors to publish insatiable travel tales to a community of travelers hungry for stories, not another how-to guide.

Our first book was Tales Of Iceland. We have plans to roll out new books over the next 3-5 years.

If you’re a writer and want to write a Tales Of book – get in touch. If you’re a reader – please check out Tales of Iceland and let us know what you think.

6. Writing Projects

Personal writing projects I’m exploring:

  • Men
  • “How to Future-Proof Yourself” – Inspired by a talk I gave at General Assembly, I’m writing a more in-depth piece on the skills, behaviors and mindsets to adopt today for uncertain tomorrow.
  • “Why We Leave” – A guide for C-suites and HR directors to understand why the young (and young at heart) are leaving your company. Based on a talk I gave at Unilever.
  • “I Got 99 Pilgrimages and El Camino Ain’t 1” – A collection of pilgrim paths and ancient treks around the world that aren’t El Camino de Santiago.

And what I’m exploring on the side…

Acting & Modeling

I’ve been acting and modeling for ads / film / tv over the last few of years on my own. Past ads include Visa, Guinness, Heineken, NatWest, Standard Life (playing Andy Murray’s teammate), and Jack Nadel. Past films and TV shows include Spectre, Wonder Woman, Ready Player One, The Crown, Jurassic World, and the forthcoming Dumbo, 3 Seconds,  Fighting With My Family, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Judy. I’m currently taking Meisner acting classes in London and looking for agent representation.

Leather Craft

After taking a course, I’ve been dabbling with leather craft. So far, I’ve made a belt, laptop case, luggage shoulder strap, notebook case, and minimalist wallet.

Last update: June 22, 2018.