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Past Talks:

TEDx: Say Yes To Your Adventure


What happens when you leave the engineer’s world of logic behind and replace it with intuition, curiosity and wonder? In this TEDx talk, I share what I learned during my 7-month sabbatical from IBM, an adventure that began as a fun jaunt around Europe but turned into an unplanned pilgrimage. In summary: magic can unfold when we learn to trust ourselves, listen to the quiet voices within, and say a hearty ‘Yes’ to our adventure when it calls us.


Creative Mornings: The Magic in Being Human

In October 2016 I gave a talk at Creative Mornings London. Using my experience on a recent three-day solo fast in Colorado, I talked about the natural world, how to find identity within ourselves, and ways to be human in our life and work.


Education First: Careers Beyond Borders


I’ve spoken at Education First’s Career Beyond Borders workshop in London and Manchester. In this promotional video I describe a few mindsets to explore new, fulfilling opportunities in the new world of work: Curiosity, Project, and Experimental.

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